What is it

Energy healing is a non-touch form of healing.

All forms of disease or physical injury manifests as an imbalance within a person's energy field before it manifests in the physical body. Repetitive negative thought and emotional distress are some of the causes of imbalance in one's energy field or aura. There are however other sources of imbalance which are covered elsewhere on the site.

I correct this imbalance by removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. This is actually a method of activating the natural healing process that takes place in your own body. Your psychological blocks often prevent your healing process but they do not influence me. Therefor I am able to facilitate your healing.

Energy healing intervenes in the aura to restore the balance. Energy healing works on a non-physical level and does not rely on the rules of physics as we understand them. The major factors involved in physics are distance and time. If you take away these factors one is operating in an entirely different reality. This is the reality that I operate in - a reality where a totally different set of rules apply - where thought and intention are the major factors. I supply the intention and energy required for the healing to take place.

This process takes place free of physical location in other words it is not essential to meet me for healing to occur. My sessions can take up to two hours. During a healing session I will receive information for the person that I am working on. This information ranges from practical advice to help with correcting thought processes. I incorporate this as part of any session that I do.

I am able to multi-channel - this involves communicating with a number of different entities at the same time. This is handy when I am receiving information from my guides (guardian angels) and someone else's guides (guardian angels) at the same time.