Space Clearing

This is the process of clearing a space of negative energies or entities. If this space is a business space or your home both areas need to be cleared on a regular basis to keep energy (money) flowing. One of the ways of knowing if you have a build up of negative energy is if money stops flowing or slows down. Another sign of too many entities in an area is when things start going wrong or machinery starts breaking. In you home for example the computer could burn out in the same week that the TV goes on the blink and the washing machine starts leaving puddles of water. In some cases one can send the washing machine away and when it returns it still does not work even though the repair person swears it was working in the shop. These are indications of non-physical entities being present. Entities can also disrupt relationships or cause disruption in the home.

I have developed a method of clearing or removing entities and this can also be done remotely via a voice connection with the client.

It is however a good idea to keep work or home clear of clutter as much as possible and a good old fashioned spring clean is a great way of clearing negativity and moving stagnant energy. I have discussed entities under a separate heading because they can be stagnant in a place or they can attach themselves to a person.