Psychic Attack & Spells

Psychic attacks

Psychic attack is a thought form attack from one person towards another.

Psychic attacks take on a wide variety of forms and the physical manifestation of these attacks vary hugely.

Often people doing the attack are not aware of the fact that they are performing an attack they are just having negative thoughts towards another person.

These negative thoughts form small etheric darts that stick into the attacked person.

Although it differs from person to person there are certain patterns that I have noticed. In most cases a person being "attacked" by strangers will develop back pain.

This is the case of a successful person or an attractive person or anyone that is perceived to have something that other people want or could be jealous of.

Another thing that I have noticed is that generally attacks from people that are close to you manifest as pain or discomfort in the front of the body


These injuries or ailments can be healed and a way of clearing yourself daily can be established.


There is another way that I have found where people connect with others and affect their reality. I simply call this "connections".

A person can connect with another and do a variety of things.

They can "steal" a person’s energy. This is the case of a person that comes to visit for five minutes and when they leave you are exhausted. This could be emotional or physical exhaustion.

Or a person could "dump" their problems (emotional or physical).

For instance an angry or upset person comes to visit you (or connects via a phone call, sms or e-mail) and suddenly you find that you are experiencing this person’s emotions.

In the case of physical "dumping" a person with a certain ailment connects with you and you find yourself experiencing symptoms for an ailment which is not yours. When you have yourself tested it seems as if you have some "psychological" issue.

In extreme cases one can actually develop the ailment.

In most of these cases you have physical discomfort but no ailment, which tends to leave one thinking that you are losing your mind.


There are people that have access to various forms of magick some of them are trained and even worse… some are not. An untrained person playing with spells can be very dangerous not only for their "victim" but for themselves too.

These can also take on a multitude of forms limited only by the imagination or lack of imagination of the castor.

Spells can be cast so that they pass down a family line. This is sometimes called a curse. They can be very destructive and can cause consistent chaos in a person’s life as they do not need to be maintained or new energy put into them after casting.

Spells and curses can be removed but do not mess with them unless you know what you are doing as they can be difficult to locate and or remove. It is also quite easy to leave a piece behind.