Although healing is my gift, meditation is another way that I have found to share my healing energy with you.

It is not possible to stop your mind from working. The most common statement that I hear from people with regards to meditating is "I would love to meditate but I cannot empty my mind" or stop it from thinking.

Well the truth is that if you try to stop your mind it actually works faster, the trick is to allow the thoughts to pass through your mind without focusing on them, eventually what will happen is that you will enter a peaceful place where your thoughts are no longer your main focus. A peaceful state of being and just a short time in this space is better than a holiday.

The other alternative is guided meditation. Download the meditation, sit back, relax and follow the instructions. These meditations are designed as a spiritual journey of self-discovery and aid you in unraveling the joys and pleasures of your journey.

Each meditation will be attuned to the current energy on the planet and will be helping with your existing issues and in finding the answers that you are looking for.

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